Final Destination Day – Angkor Wat


I couldn’t believe when I woke up this morning it was the final day and we had cycled 370km from Saigon and only had another 66km to go to Angkor Wat. My knees and shins really swelled up again last night and the doctor gave me some strong pain killers as I can’t take anti-inflammatory’s with my malaria tablets. I went to bed with my suitcase my legs up on top of it and a bag of ice on each one! It did the trick and they were much better this morning although I knew they would swell up again.

We started the day at 7am with a short bus transfer to a beautiful old Khmer bridge. Surprise surprise it was a sunny day and when we started already 36 degrees. The route was through some busy small towns with busy markets and shops as today is independence day (when they gained control back from the French). Some strange sights once again, pigs on motorbikes, water buffallo blocking the road and some lovely temples and scenery.

The roads were pretty good today as not as much traffic and in good condition. We did 40km this morning with a couple of water stops and a fruit break and then the last 26km after lunch. By 1pm it was 40 degrees and the sun was so hot, for some it was too much and the doctor insisted they missed a stage and travelled on the bus to recover before getting back out. I had one last burst trying to catch the leader, a man from Edinburgh who is 56 years old and was Scottish fell runner champion and came 3rd in the world championships.  An extremely fit man who has set the pace for me all week, I couldn’t catch him today nor any other day but I made him work hard too!

Everyone was feeling tired today but the spirits were so high as we were so close to finishing. At 58km with only 8km to go we re-grouped and everyone cycled together to the ticket offices that sit 2km from Angkor Wat. From there we continued to the main causeway (pictured on my justgiving page) and we were welcomed with a big banner and lots of children waving BHF balloons. It was very emotional and I couldn’t help think of my lovely dad who was my motivation for doing this challenge i still miss him very much and I know he would be very proud of me and happy I had done it for a heart charity. 

I rang my lovely husband Mick who has supported me for the last 12 months putting up with me doing all sorts of challenges and not really being there for him much and spoke to Roo my beautiful son who I have missed so much this week. I would not have been able to achieve this at all without the huge support of people from Wicker Camp and I can’t really thank you enough or tell you how much it has meant to me to do this event.

I don’t get back until Monday so unfortunately will miss the Octagon show so I want to wish all of the fighters good luck, please keep your hands up and don’t forget to kick!! I’ve missed the gym but I’ve have found a Khmer boxing camp so may train tomorrow if they let women in?? See you soon, Trix

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