Tonight’s classes


5pm tonight….Muay Thai sparring class!

Everyone is welcome to our ever popular sparring class. Fifteen (15) rounds of Muay Thai sparring in a safe & controlled class. Some of the rounds will be “conditional” sparring rounds, where students will be able to practice specific defences, attacks and counters, whilst others will be open sparring rounds. You can bring a partner and stay together or mingle with others in this class; What you do is up to you as the emphasis is on learning and having an exciting, challenging time… and NOT kicking the cr*p out of someone!

7pm tonight….Muay Thai Strength & Conditioning class!!

“Mick’s World of Pain” promises to be as exciting as ever tonight with yet another new addition to our extremely demanding strength exercises. This week we have “the pole” (which has been provisionally tested by some of Mick’s advanced students in the week), a seemingly impossible exercise utilising gravity to the max whilst developing tremendous glute/ham strength together with lower back, abs, shoulders and forearms. Phew!

8pm tonight….Muay Thai Adult beginner’s class!!!

A fairly intense one hour Muay Thai class with a difference. First class instruction in Muay Thai mixed with Padwork AND Bagwork to give one hell of a workout. Padwork will develop stamina and speed whilst bagwork will increase your power and technique. A well balanced class to develop your Muay Thai skills to their full potential.

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