Tonight’s classes.


Please note: tonight’s Sparring class (at 5pm) is cancelled. This is because many of our regular students are resting in prep for the action packed interclub sparring event THIS SUNDAY!!!!! Sorry for the inconvenience to some.

Muay Thai Strength & Conditioning class at 7pm. Tonight we are unleashing our formidable “Core Levitator” apparatus. It’s so hard to do that one of our top fighters couldn’t even manage it! Builds ultra strong arms, back, abdominals and the vital core. Be one of the first people anywhere to try this unique exercise.

Muay Thai adult beginners class at 8pm. One hour of basic Muay Thai building stamina, flexibility, timing and a strong knowledge base. Tuition from Kru Pooley, bagwork and padwork just for beginners. Phew.

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