Vietnam to Cambodia Charity Bike Ride


Monday 5th Nov

What a fantastic first day! We visited the Cu Chi Tunnels about 1.5 hours outside Ho Chi Mihn City. A 250km underground tunnel network used by the Viet Cong during the war against America. Amazing place built by amazing people. (I fired an AK47 shot everyone in the party and continued alone! Not really but did fire AK47 hoohah)!

It was 36degrees today and sunny and we cycled until 5:30 arriving in the town of Taynihn. The heat was definitely the killer with everyone struggling at times so we stopped regularly for water and fruit and to wet ourselves through. The ride was relatively flat going through villages and open countryside passing paddy fields and rubber plantations with cattle and buffalo along the roadside. Quite early on we one member had a terrible accident fracturing his clavicle and dislocated his shoulder, he has returned to Ho Chi Mihn City hospital for surgery in the morning, very unfortunate and made us realise whilst the countryside is beautiful we have to be very careful to stay focused on the road. Several also didnt make the last leg due to heat exhaustion.

I really enjoyed it my knees and legs are sore but nothing a massage wont sort out. Until tomorrow. Trix

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