Brand new class: 12-3-2013.


Brand new Muay Thai Stamina & Endurance class
Our all new extreme stamina and endurance class is due to begin at 12noon on TUESDAY MARCH 12, 2013!!!! (PLEASE NOTE THIS START DATE)
A one hour intense, sweat-fest of cardiovascular punishment offering heart pounding Muay Thai exercises to burn body fat, make your heart stronger, give power to your lungs, forge irrepressible energy and develop maximum fighting stamina.

If you’re a first timer this class is FREE, then after that it’s £4 (student/unemployed) or £5 if you are working. If you are one of our gym members, this class is included in your membership (so it’s free)

This class is suitable for anyone fit enough to have a go and, of course, you can work to your own pace – BUT no beginners, please – extremely challenging, designed to push your limits like only WE can! EVERY TUESDAY & THURSDAY @ 12NOON.

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