Tonight’s classes.


Muay Thai sparring class @ 5pm.
Adults and juniors welcome. 15+ rounds of Muay Thai sparring including kicking, punching, clinchwork and neck-wrestling. Come down and do as much, or as little, as you want. Stay with a partner you feel comfortable with or try your skills against some of our advanced students/fighters. The choice is yours. A great no pressure class to build reflexes, timing, fighting combinations, counters, angles of attack, tricks & feints.

Muay Thai strength & conditioning class (Mick’s world of pain) @ 7pm.
Superb fitness and strength building class for everyone. Unique and unusual exercises to build the muscles we need for fighting!!! Not a barbell or dumbell in sight as you’ll learn to develop your strength through a variety of intense body movements designed specifically for fighters.

Muay Thai beginner’s class @ 8pm.
Another of our ever popular Thai-Boxing classes for beginners to Muay Thai. A cool blend of fitness, flexibility and bagwork to finish the week. Learn to punch, kick, knee, elbow and defend yourself in this fun and challenging class.

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