Tower Ballroom Birmingham


Chrystian Korzienowski fought James Horne from K Star Birmingham who was more experienced than Chrystian. This was Chrystians 3rd fight and we were asked by Steve Logan if he could fight B class rules as he was struggling a little for matches. B class rules means 5×2 minute rounds with knees to the head. Chrystian is an excellent novice fighter and has had 2 good results and has a promising career ahead of him so together we decided that he would prematurley move up to B class rules for this fight. It was obvious from the beginning that James was a good strong techncal fighter and Chrystian was a little out of his depth. James dominated the 1st round throwing Chrystain to the floor a couple of times but Chrystian fought back and held his own exchanging kicks and punches. The second round was very similar and James caught Chrystian with a strong punch winning the fight with a KO. Chrystain was gutted afterwards and we all felt that James was just too strong and experienced for Chrystian. In reflection it pays not to run before you can walk fast no matter how sure you are, fortunately Chrystian has not been fazed by this and is determined to come back stronger a sign he will one day be a good fighter and champion.

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