NEW: Muay Thai Stamina & Endurance class.


Muay Thai Stamina & Endurance class; This is it…. Our all new Muay Thai stamina class is here. You’ve been asking for a class that’ll give you the fighting endurance you’ve been yearning for. This one hour circuit class will deliver an intense cardio experience using our incredible Muay Thai stamina building exercises!

This class is not for the feint-hearted, but more for the fitness connoiseur who likes to be pushed to the extreme and can cope with the fierce pace this class demands. I promise you won’t be disappointed and delivers exactly what you’ve come to expect from Wicker Camp…. the best and second to none! EVERY TUESDAY & THURSDAY @ 12NOON.

Lunchtime Thai fitness class; This popular “drop-in” class has gone from strength to strength and is specifically for those who are new to getting fit and need a welcoming class to gradually introduce them to fitness. It’s a one hour circuit type class using a wide variety of specialised exercises to build stamina, strength, speed and flexibility at a pace that is challenging and manageable. Do as much or as little as you want in this relaxed atmosphere. Why not pop in on your lunch hour and do a bit before you eat lunch? EVERY MON,WED,FRI @ 12NOON.

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