Pride Park 12.05.13

Pride Park 12.05.13

Liam McConaughy (Wicker Camp) vs Kane Smith (All Powers) 

This was a great fight with both boxers showing good skill and technique. Liam was taller and heavier but Kane was slightly more experienced. 
Liam used his punches well scoring good body shots and landed some strong leg kicks. Kane used his right kick well scoring strong to Liams body. Liam pushed forward all the time attacking with good punch kick combinations. The fight was a fantastic junior bout and the judges decision was unanimous to Liam. 

Jaz Meates (Wicker Camp) vs Steve Clarke (Studio 2000) WRSA Midland Area Title
This was an important fight for Jaz as hes hoping to become English Champion later this year. He started off very well throwing high kicks and asserting himself; he won the first 2 rounds but then Steven changed his tactic in round 3 and started spoiling Jaz going into the clinch all the time although he wasnt scoring. Jaz had to work hard to keep the fight at long range and by the 4th was starting to succeed scoring with long knees and high kicks once again. By the 5th round both fighters were tired but Jaz was still scoring and pushing forward having a good strong last 30 seconds. The new Midland Area champion was Jaz Meates. 

Andy Goodrick (Wicker Camp) vs Brett Fairman (Karma Gym) 

Both fighters started off fast and furious clashing together with big punching combinations in the first round. Andy used his body kick well whilst Brett favoured the leg kick. They exchanged explosive punches and kicks in the first few rounds with Andy’s timing and technique being the better. By the 4th round Brett was starting to tire from Andy’s relentless body kicks and punches, however Brett showed tremendous spirit and at times looked dangerous. Andy kept working Bretts body and by the 5th round Brett looked beaten and exhausted. This was one of the most explosive fights of the show with both fighters showing great fighting spirit.  The judges decision went to Andy Goodrick. 

Thank you for a great show from Sai Varley the promoter and to our supporters. A big thank you to our wonderful fighters who all fought so well on the day.

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