Tonight’s classes.


5pm – Super Sparring class. More and more students are discovering the exhilarating benefits of coming to our Friday early evening sparring classes. You either “love” sparring or you need to “learn to love sparring”; whichever it is, you’ll get what you need from this superb class.  S’ok if you can’t make it bang on 5pm, I know some of you don’t finish work until 5 so just hurry on down and join us as soon as you can. Don’t forget gumshield (everyone) and (guys) groinguard…..shinpads are optional. 15 glorious rounds of Muay Thai sparring for you to feast upon and there’s a FREE icy and delicious special treat for EVERYONE after sparring tonight!!!!!

7pm – Mick’s World of Pain class. Had dozens of messages this week from students asking if they can come to the Muay Thai Strength & Conditioning class. EVERYONE is invited to this “muscle contracting extravaganza”!!! You’ll get a warm welcome whether you’re a Thai Boxer or not, male or female. You won’t believe the old school (and mostly forgotten) strength building exercises that fighters use to get that unique variation of strength and power – YOU will too. No Martial Arts experience is necessary for this extreme power building experience.

8pm – Adult beginners class. Our Friday night complete beginner’s class has an unusual twist to it… students will get an opportunity to have a go at proper Thai bagwork AND Padwork in this special Muay Thai class taught by the inimitable “Kru Pooley”.

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