To ALL UK Muay Thai Promoters out there, can you help?

I am looking to match female fighter  JILLIAN CORBETT (65-70kg) To fight for a Thai-Boxing British title. She has a good fan base and will sell tickets. As you can appreciate, there aren’t many girls around at that weight who are willing to fight, so we, at Wicker Camp, are prepared to pay for UK sanction and belt in order to get this fight on ( NO purse required). Her next fight is not until Sept 11 and she is ready to fight NOW. We hope we can get her matched between now and September.

Have you got an upcoming show? Can you find a match for her? Do you know anyone who is prepared to put this fight on? Do you know any girls who will fight at 65-70kg? Interested promoters can contact me through www.wickercamp.co.uk. Alternatively tel Mick- 07801273124 or Trix-07743596420. Thank you.

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