New 6 week Muay Thai course.


How to spar/How to fight. This is the ultimate Muay Thai seminar, starting SUNDAY 25th AUGUST 2013.

An exciting new series of seminars concentrating on developing YOUR  Muay Thai sparring and fighting skills!

Over the course of six weeks, You’ll get a full two hours of private tuition every Sunday with Mick Mullaney, learning many important aspects that are essential to becoming a better fighter in Muay Thai.

Each week you will explore, practice and learn how to use Ringcraft, footwork, opponent control, defence, timing, devastating attacks, clever counters, clinchwork, takedowns, tricks & feints, the use of angles, the power of the shin, “Ghosting” and lots more….. all to improve your performance in sparring (& fighting).

9am until 11am every Sunday for 6 weeks. Open to anyone (but not complete beginners). It will be an intense, sparring-based experience you’ll never forget! All students will need handwraps, gum shield, sparring gloves, shinpads and males will need a groin guard.

Cost is £60 for the whole course, payable in advance before the start date.  Limited places available so book now!

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