Todays classes at Wicker Camp.


7am Early Morning Session is well under way….. we have some bowls and spoons so bring your favourite breakfast cereal and tuck in to breakfast after training, that way you’ll be ready to face your day!!!

10am Thai Bagwork class. A mid-morning dose of Muay Thai for those who can’t make it tonight. 10 rounds of the best selection of punch bags in Sheffield together with our unique exercises designed to forge your body into the ultimate fight machine.

11am Open session. Some people come and do their own thing whilst others use it as an extension to our bagwork class with extra stretching, padwork, sparring or weights. Either way, the choice is yours.

12noon Thai Fitness class. A unique blend of Muay Thai fitness drills and exercises in a circuit style format. The lunchtime slot is popular with locals on their lunch break as they can “drop in” anytime during this class and “drop out” so they get back to work on time.

5pm Sparring class. One of the most exciting classes of the week here at Wicker Camp! 15 rounds of Muay Thai sparring including boxing and clinchwork to finish off your week.

7pm Mick’s World of Pain. Harder than ever with the recent hot weather, but always worth the effort. This session has visitors from all around our region and crosses all sporting disciplines from Cyclists, cross trainers, strength athletes, rugby players, mountaineers as well as other Martial Arts!!! Come and watch or try for free.

8pm Beginner’s Muay Thai & bagwork. The only class of its kind to teach our essential Muay Thai syllabus (for adult beginners) alongside traditional Thai bagwork. Very popular, always packed and a great atmosphere to  finish the week!!!


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