Blackpool – Junior Show

Blackpool – Junior Show

A fantastic day everyone was great and fought very well. Results as follows:-
Roo 6yrs and Aaron7 yrs both had stronger and bigger opponents, they fought very well for the first 2 rounds but it was obvious they were struggling as they were both upset at the end of the 2nd round so I pulled them out of the fight at that point to avoid them getting hurt. They showed great spirit and heart and it hasn’t put them off at all.

Hanniyah fought a boy and it was a very close fight and could have gone either way. Hanniyah showed great skill and was not fazed at all by her opponent and performed very well and won the fight.

Jack fought for a title (which we didn’t know until we got in the ring!) it was the fight of the day for me, he fought his heart out against a slightly more mature opponent, it was very close but we all thought he won and worked the harder in the fight but it was a split decision to the other lad.

Shauna fought a 16yr old and started off well and was winning but in the 2nd round got warned for head contact twice and eventually was disqualified for a third foul blow. However, she fought again later, against a strong opponent. She fought very well and used  her footwork and combinations well this time showing great control and accuracy and she won.

Sam fought and looked very sharp and strong. The very last seconds of the 1st round he dropped his opponent with a great knee to the body but his knee accidentally caught his opponents face on the way down, it was declared a TKO to Sam.

Liams fight was for a title and he fought extremely well being quite aggressive and looking very strong. He won every round his opponent took an 8 count in the 4th and eventually he stopped him in the last round.

James’s opponent pulled out due to injury and the only person was a 14yr old 63kg lad whose opponent also pulled out. James gave 8kg away and it was an all out war with his opponent trying to use his weight advantage by clinching him. James was told to try and keep the fight long and keep scoring and moving  to out point his opponent. It was a real battle for both of them but James took control especially in the last 2 rounds and as the kid looked very tired was able to score repeatedly with his punches and kicks to the body. A very well deserved win.

A great performance from all my juniors who made me very proud. Thank you to Bear an LJ my corner man and padman and to all the parents and few supporters who came. Trix

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