Kru Pete McCormick

Kru Pete McCormick

Pete Mc Cormick senior instructor, seconds man, ex-fighter and much more! He’s been with us forever and Wicker Camp wouldn’t be the same without him. He is a valuable member of our instructor team and is extremely loyal and dedicated to Wicker Camp. He has always been willing to help with fundraising and events at the gym and in November 2011 did a sponsored ‘100 rounds of padwork’  challenge to kick start my fundraising year off for the British Heart Foundation.

He’s 49 this year and for some strange reason needs another challenge, a mid-life crisis maybe I don’t know? Well whatever it is he’s hell bent on doing it and has been training and dieting for a few months now and it’s starting to pay off he’s looking fit and lean and on route to achieving his goal. Here is what he has to say ……………… …………………………..

‘After doing my 100 rounds of padwork for charity 2 years ago I thought I needed a new challenge. I had a think about what I could do that I’ve never done before in Thai Boxing. Well I’ve trained and fought here in England, I’ve done all the gradings, cornered all our fighters all around the world, trained in Thailand, but here it is…………. I’ve never fought in Thailand. So there’s my new challenge, I find myself training and dieting to fight in Thailand in November!! Well may as well, November is normally a quiet month hahaha!!’

So we are 100% behind him and I’m sure you will be too. He’s training very hard now and it’s not long before we go to Thailand (9 weeks)! He is a very determined person with an iron will but words of encouragement always go a long way, so next time you see him wish him well and tell him he’s mad.

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