We are taking 8 junior fighters to compete in the Celtic Challenge show this Saturday they are James Pierce 15, Sam Humphries 14, Liam McConaghy 15, Jack Cooke 15, Roo March-Mullaney 6, Aaron Jackson 7, Hanniyah Karim 9, Shauna Atkinson 14. It’s at the Vida Leisure Centre and starts at 11am tickets are £10,there is also the
World Firework Championship display on that day in Blackpool so should be a good finale!

3 Peaks Walk

The final tally raised for Smile of Angkor Childrens Village in Cambodia was £510! Once again to those individuals who participated on the walk and to everyone who kindly donated. Kim Yeon Thoel the founder of the charity will keep me informed of what the money will be used for and you can follow their fantastic work at http://angkorcharity.com/

Group Grading

 The next group grading is on Sunday 20th October please be advised by an instructor before putting your name down on the list on reception.

Thai Language Lessons

Anyone interested in learning conversational Thai please text 07801273124 for further information the lessons are £10/hr and are by a qualified Thai language teacher.

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