Jillian Corbett vs Yvonne Wilson British Title – Jillian Corbett won by TKO new British Champion

Jillian Corbett Brit ChampThis was Jill’s final attempt at a British Title before going away travelling and living in Australia with Dan her partner for 2 years and after being let down so many times with Title opportunities. Jill was really quite nervous behind the scenes struggling to keep calm but eventually when in the ring she looked calm and in control. The 1st round saw good exchanges and Jill used her leg kick well whilst Yvonne favoured the punch. Jill looked like the dominant fighter but Yvonne was strong and kept catching Jill with a few head shots whilst Jill struggled to get her hands working in the 1st round. The 2nd round Jill found her rage with her punches and started to put hands and legs together especially using her long knee well. Yvonne was starting to look a bit fazed by the end of the 2nd round which Jill won easily. The 3rd round Jill looked determined pushing Yvonne back and scoring with good strong techniques but Yvonne still fought back and was still in the fight. Jill cut Yvonne with a right cross and after a strong attack finally dropped her with a knee and the referee stopped the contest. A fantastic result for Jill well deserved and a great way to finish before going away, both her and Dan will be missed very much by all. Thank you to Yvonne Wilson from Wassabama camp who we wish every success in the future.

Jamie Woodward vs Kyle Parton- Jamie Woodward won by KO

IMG_3839This was a return to the ring after a long time out so he was really nervous too. The 1st round saw both fighters finding their range and testing out technique. Jamie landed some strong kicks initially whilst martin favoured his punches. It was a good first round for Jamie who scored more and used better all round technique. The 2nd round saw Jamie assert himself in the clinch and continue to land strong knees to the body dropping his opponent for an 8 count Kyle was on the back foot but still landed some good head shots. Jamie looked determined to finish the fight in the 2nd round coming forward and attacking landing kicks and finally another well timed knee to the body that won him the fight. A good result for Jamie.


Jaz Meates vs Alex Bubblea – Alex Bubblea won by KO


This was always going to be a tough fight for young Jaz and a stepping stone to a British Title eventually. The 1st round saw both fighters exchanging good technique with Jaz landing strong kicks and Alex landing good head punches. Jaz looked stronger in the clinch scoring with sharper knees and also taking Alex to the ground a couple of times. Jaz looked like he won the 1st round but then in the last 10/15 seconds took a body shot that dropped him and he took an 8 count. The 2nd round Jaz needed to re-assert himself which he started off strong continuing to score with his strong kicks. They exchanged a few punches with Alex landing some good head shots and looking to score to the body again. Jaz caught Alex with a head kick which he took well and again Jaz seemed to be doing very well then with 30 seconds left got caught again with an excellent body shot that he couldn’t recover from and the referee counted him out. A disappointing result for Jaz but at the same time a fantastic performance against a very good opponent. So a good learning fight and Jaz will come back better and stronger for it. Thank you to Alex and Minotaurs camp.

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