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Well done to all students who participated in our Team Sparring event on Saturday and a big thank you to all the supporters. It was a busy afternoon with 30 bouts 15 adult and 15 junior. It was evenly matched throughout the day with both Red and Blue teams taking the lead. By the final bout it was 11 all so this bout was the decider and whoever got the decision would win the Team Sparring Cup for their team! It was a junior bout debuting Mitchell and Abdul and given the pressure they sparred exceptionally well with Mick not able to declare a clear winner! They agreed to do an extra round and everyone got behind them, again it was too close and Mick declared a draw. This bout was definitely the best bout of the day and well done to you two.

The only way to decide now was getting the 2 captains to spar so Pooley and Jimbob had to get changed and sort it. It was a great final and very close with Jimbob clinching it in the end for the Blue team. Everyone performed well and we hope it was a good experience for everyone to have.

The Thai food and buffet was well worth the wait and well deserved by all and Sam and Aaron will be providing more Thai food on selected nights at the gym. Keep your eyes on the website for dates. We will hopeefully be doing an Xmas Team Sparring event too.

A big thank you to all concerned Darren our fab referee Jimbob and Pooley LJ on reception,  and my bell ringers Chicara and Pete.

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