Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

A BIG thank you to all those who supported us for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge. I’m still waiting for some donations to come in but it looks like we will have raised approximately £200.00. This is fantastic as this amount of money will go such a long way in Cambodia for these children and their community education programme. Check out the charity website for further information http://angkorcharity.com/

york 3 peaks 009

It was a perfect walking day with clear sunny weather all day giving us beautiful panoramic views from all 3 summits. It was hard at times, some of the ascents were pretty steep but worth it when you reached the top for the spectacular views and sense of achievement. The descents were knee crippling for sure and the last 2 hours seemed to drag and drag and some of us were walking like John Wayne! The younger ones of the group walked it in 6/7 hours whilst us more mature ones took 10/11 hours. It was a great day with lovely company.

york 3 peaks 006

Thank you so much to all my walkers too Sam Badger, Donna Gibbs, Fay Beighton, Dan Ward, Daniel Johnson, Curtis Gordon, Michal Woroniak, Ziggy and Lukas.

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