Farewell and Bon Voyage

Farewell and Bon Voyage

It’s never easy saying goodbye especially when it’s to people who you love and will miss very much. Jill and Dan left for their 2 year advanture through the Baltic states onto Nepal and finally into Australia. We didnt manage to get to their leaving do on Saturday so they popped into the gym to say their final farewells yesterday to us and the gym and it was an emotional time for us all.

Jill with her lovely smile and her kind heart and Dan with his indomitable spirit and down to earth Yorkshire nature are the most lovely couple and we wish them a fantastic time and hope they will come back to us to pick up where they left off. They have both been with Wicker Camp for several years and have truely become part of the Wicker Camp furniture and family and they will be missed by many others too, Dan with his dishevelled look and Jills many many tears whilst training hard for her fights!

Good luck to them and we hope they stay safe and look forward to their return.


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