Two fantastic results last night at Chaweng Stadium on Koh Samui.

Dave Childs fought a tall Russian guy. The 1st round was very scrappy with furious punching being exchanged but Dave managed to catch the Russian with a strong punch and he nearly went. Dave started to find his kicks and knees more in the 2nd and started scoring well continuing to land heavy punches. The 3rd round was even better and more controlled and Dave took his time scoring with better all round techniques and eventually stopping the Russian with a barrage of punches. All good things come to those who wait they say and it did.

Pete McCormick fought an oldish Thai (but not as old as him!). This fight started off more relaxed and controlled as you would expect from more experienced fighters. The Thai landed some strong body kicks in the 1st round with Pete using his leg kick well from the start landing some strong solid kicks. The Thai caught Pete with a couple of knees to the head and a few strong body kicks were exchanged with Pete catching one and running the Thai to the ground. The Thais leg was starting to weaken at the end of the 1st round so game plan for the 2nd was to land well timed leg kicks in the 2nd which eventually retired him in that round! All good things come to those who wait they say and it did after 9 months of training and dieting Pete fulfilled his dream of fighting in Thailand. I don’t know many people with his drive, determination and will so ultimate respect to him.

Next plan is to stay on Koh Samui for a couple of days train at Yuthpan and Pinyo then head back to Bangkok Monday evening on the overnight train. Go to watch the last big show at the famous Lumpini Stadium with some big big fights on before they move to the new one. Train at Vorapin and Jitti’s before coming back Friday.

Missing everyone at Wicker especially my juniors but see you all soon with some free car stickers for everyone 🙂

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