Jimbob fought a lad who although weighed in lighter was visibly bigger and looked stronger than him! Jimbob fought very well and won the first round scoring with a range of good kick, punches and knees and landing some excellent wing knees in the clinch. His opponent came out strong in the 2nd round wanting to trade heavy punches which Jimbob got drawn into and lost his flow a little. The 3rd round was very similar and his opponent capitalised on his big punches and spoiled Jimbob not letting him use his kicks and knees which he did so well in the 1st round. His opponent landed two heavy jumping punches to Jimbobs temple which shook him quite badly and he decided to retire at the end of the 3rd. He was very disappointed but has reflected on his performance and will be back in the ring come Feb/March.

Alireza’s fight was surely the fight of the nght. His original opponent pulled ot the day before and we were offered a replacement but it was for the North West Area title and his opponent was more experienced and lighter which meant he had to drop some weight. It is always a difficult decision to make as you don’t want your fighters getting hurt and being over matched but when a fighter gets let down they just want to fight regardless. He wanted to take the fight so we said if it looked like he was too experienced for Ali we would pull him out.

Alireza got caught with a banging right hand in the first 30 seconds of the first round and went down momentarily on one knee then got straight back up into the fight. We really thought he wouldnt last the round but he did and although his opponent was more experienced and just had the edge Alireza fought back everyround matching him punch for punch kick for kick and knee for knee. It was truely an awesome performance from a novice who has shown he has great potential. He lost on points but there wasnt much in it. Well done a champion for the future.

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