Pooley – update


I’ve just got back from visiting Pooley in hospital. He was in good spirits although gutted he’s still not had a chance to have a beer or some fast food 🙁

He has a broken rib which has punctured his lung as well as 4 fractured ribs around the same area. He’s had a drain put in today so will probably be in a few days more. He’s pretty banged up anyway from his fight, swollen shin and elbow sore shoulder but not in any pain as he’s on morphine 🙂 He has asked me to thank everyone for all the support you gave him on the day, the atmosphere couldn’t have been better for him. He’s very proud of his performance and so he should be, what an amazing fighter he is.

I will keep you posted on his progress and let’s wish for a speedy recovery for him, please leave any cards for him on reception.

On the same note Sam Keane our junior lad who did a demonstration bout with the tall lad from Newcastle sustained a fractured ankle and is in cast today. So just want to wish him a speedy recovery too.


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