Charity Team Sparring – still looking for more names for the team sparring a week on Friday 20th June 5-9pm. Drinks at the Riverside afterwards. 5 x 1 minute rounds against someone similar weight exp, Mick doing the matching so everyone will be matched fairly, it’ll be a great experience and all for 2 good causes, £5 towards Cancer Research and Childrens Education in Cambodia.

Congratulations to Liz Fox and Steve Ayres who had a baby girl last week. X

Congratulations to Charles Cater and Kate Ebbott who are expecting their 2nd. X

Pads and Bags – we have a number of old Thai Pads and Punch Bags for sale going very cheap. They are too banged up for gym use but will be fine for home use.

Upcoming Fights – Chrystian Korzienowski, Kyle Revill, Alireza Amiri all fighting in Milton Keynes on 29th June. Poster on reception if interested tickets £30.

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