Plan International Sponsorship

Plan International Sponsorship

Wicker Camp are very pleased and proud to announce that we have been able to embark on a long term sponsorship programme for a young girl from the North of Thailand. We are sponsoring

La-Orngdao Rungrotsaengmanee, who is 8 years old and lives in Northern Thailand near Chiang Rai. This sponsorship programme is through plan which is a worldwide charity helping the poorest of children move from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity. We decided to sponsor a girl as discrimination against girls is one of the main causes of child poverty. Girls are more likely to be taken out of school, experience sexual abuse, be forced to marry young have less access to medical care and be given less to eat than boys. Investing in girls is therefore one of the best ways of lifting a whole community out of poverty. Plan put children first and all their projects are designed to transform young lives – whether that’s by providing clean water, nourishing food, healthcare or education. Plan work with communities for up to 15 years so we are hoping to sponsor La-Orngdao for many years to come to bring about a lasting change in her life and the community.

We are able to exchange letters and photos so we are hoping to keep you informed of her progress and also encourage our junior students to take an interest to learn about charity and the life and culture of other children in this area of Thailand.

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