Bilbao to Miranda De Ebro



WOW an extremely hard first day both physically and mentally. We arrived at 10pm last night and it took us 2 hrs to assemble the bikes which was like a Laurel and Hardy film at times!!

This morning we left the hostel at 10am and what should have taken 30-45mins to get out of Bilbao actually took 2hrs due to roadworks and closures.  We had to find detours, we got lost had to back track and avoid motorways it was a bit of a nightmare to say the least. We eventually found the right road and had a good ride for 25 mile until we hit Puerto De Oruna a 2,700ft mountain with a 14% gradient over 5 miles!!Very very hard cycling and at times it was too steep to cycle given we have all our luggage with us in paniers so we all needed to push our bikes intermittently it was so relentless but worth the views at the top and the ride down the other side. We then had a further 25 miles but on a relatively flat surface:-)

We didnt arrive until 8:30pm with failing light (no lights on bike) so cut it very fine. Hopefully an easier ride tomorrow 60mile but flat.


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