Pete’s Charity World Record Challenge

Pete’s Charity World Record Challenge

Our lovely and wonderful Pete Mc Cormick is going to attempt a new World Record at the gym starting on Friday 5th December, the King of Thailand’s birthday.

He is going to do 24 HOURS OF PADWORK. Starting at 4pm on the Friday and finishing at 4pm Saturday 6th December!!!!! He will do 3 minute rounds with 2 minutes rest and taking into account time needed for food and ablutions this will mean he could do upto 250 rounds of padwork!!!

Whilst I have agreed to be his padman (OMG) I would obviously like people to get involved and come and take him on the pads for a round or 5? You can sponsor him per round or just donate a fixed amount.

Pete has contacted the Guiness Book of Records and has applied for this event to be recognised as a new World Record as it has never been done before. He is also doing the event to raise money for the Childrens Hospital a very local and extrememly worthwhile cause. Keep your eyes on reception for sponsor sheet and times available for holding pads.

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