Pride Park Derby 29.11.2014


Results Pride Park – Our 2 fighters performed very well last night in Derby both having a technical fight.

James Pierce 16 yrs old had his 2nd open fight against a very good adult fighter from Hanuman Camp and showed that he really is going to be a great champion one day. It was a very skilful fight to watch and both fighters worked hard exchanging kicks and punches and defending and countering well. James got the decision on points.

Chrystian Korzienowski’s fight was surely the fight of the night. He fought so well against a very good opponent from the home crowds gym Studio 2000 in Derby. Chrystian was strong and landed great body and leg combinations. Casey used his body kick well and worked hard pushing Chrystian back. It was so close in the end but Casey took the decision by one point.

Jimbob – Jimbob didn’t fight his opponent pulled out but he will be fighting this Saturday instead in Leamington Spa.

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