Sacha Walcott

Sacha Walcott


Q. So how did you hear about Wicker Camp?

Sacha. It was through Helene Garnett who was my personal trainer at the time at Pure Gym.

 Q. So why were you interested in doing Muay Thai?

Sacha. I think it was because I had a background in Taekwondo so I wanted to do some more martial arts but different and I wanted to push myself further than I had done in my previous martial art and Thai Boxing looked like it would do that.

Q. You were quite accomplished in Taekwondo, a black belt and a fighter so how did you find the transition between the two styles?

Sacha. I think it was quite easy at first, I was mentally prepared for training having done Taekwondo and some of the techniques were very similar or the same. Having spent 8 years in Taekwondo and achieving National Titles and black belt it did help to prepare me for Muay Thai.

Q. Since starting with us how much weight have you lost?

Sacha. Six and a half stone in just over a year.

Q. That’s amazing so what keeps you motivated?

Sacha. I want to get to the stage where I am able to fight. I want to become the best I can be, I beleive that greatness is not this elusive feature that only the special amongst us will ever achieve it is something that is in all of us and it’s very important to believe in yourself. Obviously not committing yourself fully is not going to get you where you want to be and I am motivated to not let people down that there effort and time that they put into me is not going to be wasted.

Q. What are your short and long term goals?

Sacha. My short term goal is to progress to my next grading and long term is to keep training and try and get down to a fighting weight so I can compete.

Q. What’s been the hardest thing about your journey?

Sacha. I think the hardest thing has been losing the weight and to keep motivated. It’s not been easy to keep going 24 hours a day and initially I was training twice a day for months, going running, doing weights coming to Thai Boxing and it got to the point where I had to give myself some time off to give my body a rest. When I started back I changed my routine and gave myself more rest time but I think my success is down to me being willing to give 110% to my training and my diet and realising that at times it will be hard.

Q. You have also become a personal trainer this last year how has that helped you on your journey?

Sacha. Yeah I became a personal trainer and this is a new chapter in my life. As a personal trainer you always need to motivate your clients to help them achieve their goals and people do see you as an inspiration. I am thankful that I can give them the help and support that was given to me when I first started.

Q. Any regrets?

Sacha. Only that I wish I had found Wicker Camp sooner when I was back fighting in Taekwondo. 


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