Spain Charity Bike Ride – the end of this week is the deadline for all sponsorship money to be in. May I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind and generous support. I can’t wait to see the final total and email Kim in Cambodia to give him the great news. These local schools are funded by charity and provide education for children and adults in the poorest of areas in and around Siem Reap, I know they are working on a clean water project for one of the schools and to provide books for a new library in another. Many thanks.

Women Only Classes – the women only classes have been running for over a year now and the classes are still run on the basis that the more people who take part the cheaper it is! It has been a small goal of mine to get 25 women in a class, we often have between 15 and 20 and have managed 22. On Sunday we had 22 women for the Thai padwork class, that was a new record for that class and there were 26 in the Thai circuit class. That meant the classes were £1.15pp for the 1st class and 95p for the 2nd class!! Where else can you train for one hour pay as you go for 95p?? I want to thank all the women for their loyalty and all the hard work you do and for recommending the classes to family and friends – I now have a new target ??

Pride Park Derby – just under 3 weeks to the next big show with Wicker Camp fighters on. Come and support Jimbob, Chrystian and James tickets are £35 it’s a great venue and will be a very exciting show to watch.

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