Busy Weekend


Petes Challenge – Petes padwork challenge kicks off at 4pm today so come along to support him by holding the pads for him for a round or 2 (don’t worry he’ll not kill you it’s for charity and even Roo is taking him on pads so there’s no excuse). If you find yourself unable to sleep in the middle of the night then pop down for half an hour please 🙂

JImbob – we have managed to get Jimbob a fight in Leamington Spa Saturday evening so good luck to him on the night.

Group Grading – Sunday 7th December please make sure you are not late for your grading and you bring a passport photo for your licence. Good luck to you all.

Women Only Classes – there will only be one class this week due to events on at the gym; this will be a Thai circuit 2-3pm please text to book in and let others know cheers Trix

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