Thailand 2015 – flight deposits have been paid šŸ™‚ We will have a meeting in March to discuss transfer details and accommodation arrangements. Many thanks.

UK Sandee Junior Championships – only a week and a half to go before our junior Wicker CampĀ team compete in this Northern Area eliminator contest. They have all trained very hard and are as ready as they can be. Good luck to, James Pierce, Liam McConaghy, Sam Humphries, Sam Keane, Shauna Atkinson, Chicara Gerrard, Jayden Atkinson.

Milan, Italy – just under 2 weeks away from James Ogdens fight in Milan, Italy. He has also trained very hard and is looking strong and fastĀ and hasĀ just a little more weight to lose.

Circuit classes – our new circuit classes on Tuesday and Thursday 9pm – 9:45pm are proving popular. An excellent class for improving cardio-vascular fitness andĀ strength they work well as a stand alone class or as an add on the bagwork class before 8-9pm.

New early morning women only classes – our Sunday women only classes are as popular as ever with 20-30 women training in each class every week. As a result some women have expressed an interest in an early morning Thai circuit class during the week. This would be for one hour with the time to suitĀ the group eg. 7-8am or 7.15-8.15am or 7.30-8.30am and would work on the same basis as the Sunday classes, the more that attended the cheaper the class would be. The Sunday classes average between 80p to Ā£1.50 per session at the moment. Anyone interested please text me on 07743596420 and hopefully we can get one booked for the beginning of March.

Sheffield University Classes – the Uni classes have started back on Sundays 12-1:30pm, also at Goodwin Wednesdays 6.30-7.30 and Fridays 7.30-9. Please contact Darryl Bamber or the gym for more information.

Charity Pages – please have a look at our new charity page that outlines the work we do to support children in Cambodia and Thailand.

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