Upcoming Fights


Saturday 28th March – 5 Wicker Camp fighters are through to the Sandee UK finals in Stoke-on-Trent. They will all fight finalists from the Southern Eliminators to become the overall UK Champion. James Pierce, Liam McConaughy, Sam Humphries, Chicara Gerrard and Shauna Atkinson.

Saturday 18th April – Pride Park Stadium in Derby is the venue for this exclusive dinner show featuring Chrystian Korzienowski, James Pierce, Jayden Atkinson and Roo March-Mullaney. Tickets will be available soon and are £35.

Saturday 25th April – Birmingham will host Muay Thai Super Fights featuring James Ogden 2x English Champion vs Jake Purdy 3x English Champion. Tickets will be available soon at £30.


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