Co Durham Interclub – well done to all our junior and senior students who participated in Thai Lampangs Interclub. Due to lots of clubs pulling out our lot ended up having quite tough matches with more experienced opponents. Eveyone coped very well and although found it hard really stepped up to the mark and performed very well. Valuable experience for everyone and Stuart thanked Wicker Camp for travelling and all those who took part.

Adults – John Skidmore, Kyle Wake, San Keane, Leon Samuels, Danny Johnson, Jordan Kent

Juniors – Abdul Humaiden, Roo March-Mullaney, Saeed Salah, Brooke Hayward.


Thailand 2015 – there will be a meeting on Saturday 11th April to update evryone on accommodation and discuss some internal travel arrangements.

UK Sandee Grand Finals – just to wish our junior team GOOD LUCK on Saturday in Stoke-on Trent competing at the finals of the Sandee UK Championships. James Pierce, Liam McConaughy, Sam Humphries, Chicara Gerrard, Shauna Atkinson.

Group Grading – the group grading times have been published so please check your time and don’t be late.


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