Pride Park – James Pierce had an outstanding performance against Kavan Judge from K-Star. Kavan weighed in 2 kg heavier the day before and was easily six inch taller than James who had experience on his side. Kavan was strong and aggressive and came forward in the first two rounds. James started the 3rd behind on points and started to turn the fight around and as Kavan got weaker James got stronger and James won the last two rounds. The judges decision was a draw which we were very pleased with. James showed he was made of strong stuff.

Chrystian Korzienowski fought Scott Stuart from Skelmersdale. Scott was very aggressive and strong from the start and Chrystian was very nervous to begin but kept his cool and used his footwork well and kept scoring with clean technique. Scott remained strong and aggressive in the second and caught Chrystian with a flurry of punches up against the ropes which he had no reply for and just covered up, the referee gave Chrystian an 8 count and retired him. A good learning fight for Chrystian and we hope he will come back a better and stronger fighter.

Junior Grading  – the next junior grading has been moved to Sunday 17th May. Students will be monitored and assessed during the classes and will be given a letter if we think they are ready to move up.

Womens early morining class – there will be a women only Thai circuit class Wednesday morning (tomorrow) 7am – 8am. You MUST text to book in please 07743596420.

Thailand 2015 – I want to book the return flights from Koh Samui back to Bangkok in the next 2 weeks as it’s a very busy time of year and I want to ensure we all can get on the same flight. The flight will be approx £80-100 so if you can at some point bring the money in put your passport name, passport number and DOB on the envelope (unless you have given it me already).

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