Sparring vs Fighting


There seems to be some confusion with students being able to make the distinction between sparring and fighting. It is important that you understand there is a massive difference and whilst there is a competitive element to sparring it does not equate to the level of competitiveness involved in an actual fight. Sparring takes place in a controlled adapted environment ie: much shorter rounds, much more control and restriction of techniques and a semi-competitive and friendly environment. Fighting is what it says on the tin, your opponent is trying their hardest to inflict as much damage as possible and so are you. Hence, the level of preparation required to fight is massively different and the level of conditioning, stamina and skill required to fight is massively different. Students who take part in interclubs or in-house events such as team sparring should not be saying they have fought because they haven’t and it really is an insult to those people who have ever trained hard and fought.

Sparring whether it is at interclubs or club events is a valuable and excellent way of gaining ring experience not only for those students who may want to progress onto fighting but for those who want a slightly more competitive environment but still feel safe.

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