Clothes Amnesty – The gents changing room has become a collective wardrobe of clothes and towels which is now smelly and crowded. We have too many students for everyone to leave their kit in there and there is very little space now for anyone to hang their clothes up so………….anyone who has left anything in the changing rooms please make sure you collect your items by Friday this week or it will become punch bag fodder!! Thank you very much.

Thailand order – anyone who has equipment on order from Thailand will be pleased to know it has been shipped and hopefully with us by the end of this week or early next week. The deadline for the next order will be Friday 26th June. Anyone wanting gloves, shinpads, shorts etc please make sure your order is in by then.

Lunchtime circuit – anyone who is interested in doing a luchtime circuit on Thursdays 12-1pm please text 07743596420. You will be placed on the mailing list and receive weekly confirmation of classes.

Group grading – some students are working towards their next grading and some are looking for partners to share one-off private lessons to work on syllabus and go through different aspects of the grading. The lessons are £30 per hour (£25 with a trainee) and can be shared with up to 6 people, making it cheaper than a class! Anyone interested please text 07801273124.

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