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What does Wicker Camp mean, what does it stand for? Wicker Camp means many different things to many different people. 

Our Camp constitution states that we are committed to ensuring the art of Muay Thai be learned in its purist form in a non-racist, non-sexist, non-ageist environment enabling participation from non-able bodied students where ever possible.
We have endeavoured to keep to this over the years and we have had much success (still going after 38years!).
However, success can be measured in many different ways. Some people may say we are successful because we have produced many champions over the years (many Area, English, British, European, Commonwealth and World). Some may say we are successful because we have many students that have been training with us over 20years (certainly I am now teaching the children of my old junior students!!). Some say we are successful because we treat every student with respect and as an individual trying to cater for their individual needs, after all we are all unique.
Whatever the reason, and it may be a bit of everything we are a busy gym that still holds a reputation of being the best place to learn Muay Thai with regards tuition and facilities in a nice, friendly, welcoming environment.
Wicker Camp has had to evolve and grow and change with the times (38 years is a long time). Our way of life and people are different now. Some have grown apart (but not many), fighters and students have come and gone but we accept that this has been a natural course of time and progression. We have struggled through tough financial times and had to adapt to those changing times (Mick and I gave everything up and lived at the gym for 10years to make it work).
However much the gym has changed from its early years our core values remain the same. We want to help people achieve their goals or just give people a positive rewarding experience in this wonderful honest martial art. We do value loyalty and committment and promote a sense of family and belonging which fosters friendship and bonds for life.
We have seen gyms and camps come and go throughout the UK over the years. In recent times we’ve watched how the shallow image conscious ego driven world of sport has ruined fighters and camps measuring success on numbers, success on the glory fights (win or lose)  ………….the big names……… the big shows ……….. the big money!!! Image over substance.
What is more important to us are the people, whether they come for just a great workout or have goals of becoming a champion or to help those people overcome problems in their lives, confidence, bullying, mental health, weight, drugs and alcohol…… helping these people to attain a healthier happier life through Muay Thai does mean more as it should. So those who just want to use Muay Thai as a quick fix, those who want to feed their ego, those with little sense of loyalty, committment and belonging won’t find Wicker Camp their cup of tea.!
If you fancy doing something exciting which will keep you fit and strong and at the same time empower you  give us a try and see if you like the taste of Muay Thai. You will be welcomed and made feel part of an old family that’s still growing!! X


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