Congratulations – to Mr Paul & Mrs Summa Carnall. We were extremely honoured to be guests at Paul (Chilli) and Summa’s recent wedding which was to say the least an emotional day. We have known Chilli since the early 90’s when he started training at Wicker Camp as a junior student with Trix and soon became one of her many fantastic junior fighters. He fought many times and eventually became junior British Champion and as a young adult travelled to Thailand with Mick and a team of fighters from Wicker Camp to fight and represent the UK in the World Amateur Championships. As an adult he had a few years off from the gym but he was always part of Wicker Camp and we would regularly bump into him and have a chat and catch up. After supporting our first show in Sheffield in 2006 at the Octagon Centre he vowed he would start back training and get in shape to fight the following year ……. which he did and won by KO!! He is still training, his beautiful wife trains with Trix in the women only classes and their lovely two sons Roman and Riley train with Trix in the junior classes as Chilli once did …. a real family affair. Chilli knows how much love we have for him and his family and we want to wish them continued happiness, good health and peace in their life.

Upcoming fights – we have a number of fighters who will be competing towards the end of summer and into autumn. Chrystian Korzienowsky end of August, James Pierce September, James Ogden, Chicara Gerrard and Jillian Corbett (after two years off) October.

SWFC – we are very happy to be working with SWFC delivering Muay Thai sessions to groups of young individuals at the gym and at external venues in Sheffield. This is part of a SWFC initiative to offer new and exciting activities to 16-19 year olds. The classes are proving to be extremely popular and they will be running throughout July and August. Many thanks to Jillian Corbett who helped set this up.

Thailand 2015 – anyone who is going on the Thailand trip who HASN’T forwarded their passport details and £30 for the internal flight please will you do so ASAP.

Summer Trip – we would like to arrange a family summer trip perhaps in August/September? We are open to suggestions on places to visit so please see Mick or Trix if you have any good ideas.

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