Interclub Horwich – well done to all those who competed in the interclub on Sunday; everyone performed extremely well and gained excellent ring experience as well as building confidence in their ability. I forgot to take a photo AGAIN! So here are the people who participated:-

Luke Crowther, Hasan Raja, Umar Luqmaan, Arkan Hussain, Neil Bamforth, Brandon Bamforth, Sam Keane, Haider Hanif, Brooke Haywood, Tommy McDonagh, Roo March-Mullaney.

Many thanks to Jimbob who came to help me corner and give valuable advice.

Farewell to Nit – a bit late but just to say we will miss Nit our resident Thai cook and Jimbob’s partner who has returned to Thailand to live with her family in the North of the country. I know Tilly and Roo will miss her and we wish her all the best.

October Open Sessions – Tuesday 20th 6.30-9pm Wednesday 21st 6-8pm. A chance for any student  to come along and do your own thing whether its padwork, bagwork and/or a bit of sparring. A good session to train alongside different grades, fighters and instructors and afterwards enjoy some traditional Thai food.

Xmas Team Sparring – I am hoping to run a Team Sparring event in December. A bit like an interclub but its all in-house. Students get matched up with someone similar weight and ability and spar in the ring in front of spectators for their team, either red or blue. The team that wins the most bouts receives the coveted Team Sparring Championship Cup (displayed on reception). These events are always well attended and participated so if you’re interested and fancy having a go look out for the list on reception soon.

Upcoming Fights – Jimbob and Chrystian are currently training to fight in Manchester on the 8th November. Anyone interested in attending the show please text Trix for info.

Student of the week – student of the week is back so look out for profile sheets around reception and if you would like to tell your story fill one in and hand in to reception.

Inspirational Story – do you or do you know a student who has an inspirational story to tell. Share it and inspire others, email trix@wickercamp.co.uk.

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