FOODBANK  – we have recently started a foodbank for Sheffield Rough Sleepers Services. We have had a good response so far but we need to be clear on what is required and when. Donations will be accepted in the first 2 weeks of each month and dates will be posted on the website. November donations 2nd to 13th. Please make sure of the following:-

  • FOOD – this needs to be non perishable and placed in the boxes provided. You don’t need to do a big shop just bring in one or two items each time, every little helps.
  • TOILETRIES – wet ones, shampoo, soap, anti-persperent, toothpaste. Please bag these items and place in food boxes.
  • CLOTHES – clothes MUST BE clean, folded and bagged separately. Womens clothes bagged. Mens clothes bagged. ALL bedding MUST BE clean and bagged.

Many thanks for your support this is so important especially at this time of year.


Wicker Camp Shorts – Check out new Wicker Camp shorts from Thailand some amazing colours and designs. Wicker Camp on waistband and Wicker Camp in Thai across the front. Special limited price of £30

IMAG0211 (1)

Thailand 2015 – there will be a get together for everyone going on the gym Thailand trip on Saturday 14th November at the Riverside pub at 6pm.

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