Combat Fighting – thank you to all those who volunteered to participate in the Knight Combat 5vs5 photo shoot last week. No-one really knew whatto expect but it was absolutely brilliant. After getting all padded up and having a baton as your weapon and a thai pad as your shield it was basically a fight to last man standing……. Very exciting and sooo tiring but such great fun.

Come Dine with Me – our very own Claire Cort will feature on this weeks programme all week. Her cooking night is tomorrow Tuesday when they also came to film her doing some bagwork at Wicker Camp. Don’t miss it although she says she can’t watch it herself so only positive feedback please.

Foodbank – we are going to put a hold on donations please until we take what we have to the Homeless Service….. So please do not bring in any more stuff until further notice.

Wicker Camp Documentary – Si Gambol is currently working on a documentary film on Wicker Camp. He is interested in interviewing students who have had a difficult past (problems with drugs, alcohol, abuse or other traumatic experiences) and training at Wicker Camp has helped them in some way. Anyone interested you can speak to Mick or Trix.

Interclub/Team Sparring Event – this event is open to anyone who wants to have a bash. Students will be matched up accordingly with regards their experience. Look out for a list on reception soon.


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