Reflection on 2015


Hi Everyone (Mick here),

As I look back on all the events of 2015, I am reminded of many happy times that made me smile.

Muay Thai in the UK is evolving at a dramatic pace. The standard of Muay Thai now is higher than it has ever been and there’s more understanding of rules and etiquette than ever before too (in the UK). As students travel to Thailand more and more, they are learning real Muay Thai and not just a domestic verisimilitude of what they think Muay Thai is. Then, of course, there are others who are striving for knowledge of our beautiful fighting sport, but not necessarily to give back their efforts to Muay Thai but to enrich new fighting sports; I suppose people must use their knowledge in a way that suits them. All Martial Arts have value and it is always a unique marriage between the art and the practitioner that brings results – not just the Martial Art. I have always been happy for my students, champions, fighters and instructors to move in a direction that suits them. Although I’m always sad to see them leave, many old friends (that I’ve taught since they were children…) have left me to start their own journey – Macker, Ismael Abdi, Alistair Simpson, Lee Chesters, Chris Di Paolo, Dan Hudson, Imran Khan, Mehdi Firoozi, Thomas McCormick, Paul Timmins – to name a few. I am proud of each and every one of them. Their knowledge is solid and their passion is genuine and each brings their own experience to enrich Muay Thai in a unique way. I wish them all the very best for the coming year.

I too (Wicker Camp) have evolved. As I grow older, I have developed a deeper inward passion for ALL my students. Not just the fighters or the gifted, but also the challenging individuals who love Muay Thai, but find difficulty in the simplest of movements and are very slow to progress. They are a real challenge and one that I relish. This year in particular, we’ve received a lot of children AND adults with bad experiences of bullying, domestic violence, racial abuse and public assault. It always seems that the vulnerable – and anyone with a different outlook – are the first in line for targeted violence. Through Muay Thai, I see many (if not all) of my students “re-invent” themselves into confident, strong and disciplined individuals who no longer walk in the shadow of others.

This year’s Thailand trip was a massive success. I am sorry I couldn’t be with you all this time due to the dreaded “Black Dog”(Depression), but I have noticed a big improvement in each and every one of you. Trix did an amazing job of looking after you all and I was glad to see you all back safe and sound with renewed enthusiasm for Muay Thai. Our next gym trip to Thailand is 2017 and celebrates 40 years of Muay Thai at Wicker Camp!!! That will be an epic memory in our lives.

My Darling wife Trix March, has been my best friend and partner for the past 26 years. The gym just would not be the same without her. She is responsible for so many essential things that happen at the gym. I know my world would fall apart without her by my side. She is an amazing athlete, Muay Thai World champion, Teacher, role model and Mom. I love you very much. She brings balance and peace to me form the crashing burdens I feel from the many (student) secrets I have to keep! (and my thought are with the families of students no longer with us)

Wicker Camp has been extremely busy this year – more so than any other year I can remember. Our numbers seem to be growing every year with faces old and new. I’m grateful to you all for your continued support and the hard work and training you all bring to our Family. Thanks also for your generosity in fund raising and giving to our numerous charities and community activity. A special thank you to my wonderful team of Kru (Teachers/Instructors) that teach some classes for Wicker Camp. Thanks for putting up with an old Arjarn who has to tell you off from time to time….

In closing (cos I could say tons more), I want you to know we’ve got lots of exciting events planned for next year and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you. Strive to be happy, try and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life that gives you value, get rid of your limiting beliefs and don’t let anyone else define YOU. Have a great New Year celebration and here’s to a healthy 2016!!!

Love from

me, Trix, Roo and all the team at Wicker Camp.

(Daz, James, Pete, Bear, Helene, Ali, Jimbob, Chrystian, Chicara, LJ, James P, Rob, Sinead and……. Pooooleey!


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