Davienne’s Story


I would like to introduce you to this women who has a lovely story to tell and who deserves recognition for her massive effort and achievement. I have a great deal of respect for her as a student of Muay Thai and as a lovely person. Trix

v  My name is Davienne ‘Dee’.

v  I’ve been at Wicker Camp about 18 months now starting around March 2014.

v  I heard of Wicker Camp about 5 years ago when my partner suggested we bring our children there to Trix’s junior classes as he had heard about it through word of mouth.

v  I didn’t come down with the kids initially but when I first went my first impressions were that it looked awesome. I wanted to try it but I didn’t really have the confidence then as I was a very much larger person (just under 18 stone). All the staff and parents were very welcoming and friendly so the idea of coming back stuck in my mind.

v  I had always been really fit when I was younger and I really missed doing exercise. I started eating better and joined a gym but after going almost every other day for a year I only shifted about 2 stone of weight. (I absolutely refused to go to weight watchers or slimming world and pay money for someone else to put pressure on me in front of other people). I continued to eat right and treat myself to a full trimmings meal every Sunday if I had tried hard all week.

v  I eventually enquired at Wicker Camp and thought the women only classes on Sundays may be ok to test the water. My first class there was a disaster!! SMH I couldn’t even get through the warm-up. So that was my first goal to finish the warm-up. After a few weeks even months the next goal was to get through the class. Trix and all the women were very encouraging and quickly more weight started dropping off (eventually another 5 stone!).

v  I started more classes in the evening (bagwork) and students in those classes were just as supportive and I started having private tuition with Trix with a group of other girls (we called ourselves Trix’s Kruettes!)

v  I graded in December the same year and I still love learning new techniques….. there’s never a dull moment there haha.

v  I do have to say though as much as I enjoy the classes in the week I’m still loyal to the Sunday women only classes. That is the one I feel helped me the most with my confidence, the weight and my fitness and I enjoyed pushing myself alongside other women doing the class for their own reasons…. I could go on!

v  To Trix and the Sunday ladies a big THANK YOU your jokes, encouragement and company has helped me so much. Xx And to the rest of you at Wicker Camp THANK YOU TOO. Xx

Davienne passed her B3 grading on the 20th December 2015 to Intermediate 1 with a 1st class pass, the highest pass anyone can get. Her son Deniro also passed his first grading on the same day to B2.

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