Mick’s New Year Killer Class – a great way to start the New Year by seeing just how unfit you are!! Mick pitched the class just right and it was just hard enough with some great padwork and exercises creating a great working atmosphere. Requests have already come in for maybe one every couple of months? Sounds like a good idea!

Interclubs – we have got lots of very competent students who are eager to develop their sparring skills with a view to possibly competing one day so this year we are going to strive to get more people involved in doing interclubs and have more in-house events like Team Sparring, so keep your eyes on the website and reception for dates and venues.

Student Profiles – we will be re-instating student of the week this year so if you would like to be mentioned on the website please complete and hand in a student profile sheet found on the tables in reception.

Thailand – this years Thailand trip was a great success with 27 people going. The next gym trip will be in 2017 and it is Wicker Camps 40th anniversary so it would be fantastic to go out there with record numbers (I may regret saying that!!). So start saving now if you’re interested and I will start planning a great trip to be remebered.

FIGHTS – this year we are looking forward to seeing the return of James Ogden to the ring after a long time out and Jimbob wants to continue his comeback once returning from Thailand. We’ve got quite a few young experienced fighters that we hope will be back in the ring this year James Pierce, Chicara Gerrard, Sam Keane, Sam Humphries. There a few students who have shown potential at interclubs and in Team Sparring that we hope this year will see them take the next step to competing fully?

Charity – we want to continue supporting charities this year as best we can. We are still sponsoring a child in Thailand through Plan International with monthly financial contributions, I (Trix) wants to continue supporting Smiles of Angkor Children charity in Cambodia which provides schooling and education for the poorest of children in remote areas and we will continue to support Sheffield Rough Sleepers charity by providing food and warm clothes.


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