Open Sessions – the open sessions were very popular once again and we had some positive feedback from students regarding Fridays. Hopefully there will be Thai food available at the next ones in February.

Lockers – we have extended the deadline for locker information to be submitted to reception to this Friday 29th Feb.

Changing Rooms – there are 2 black bags full of abandoned clothes in the gents! The items will go to recycling if not claimed by this Friday!!!

Weekly Pass – we have a number of free weekly passes to give out in February. If you are a member and you know someone who would like to start training at Wicker Camp then ask at reception for a free weekly pass.

Membership Packages – from the 1st February there will be some changes in the price and structure of our membership packages. Updated price lists are available from reception.

  • There will be an initial joining fee of £10 per person on ALL our membership packages which is for a UKMF licence and 12 month insurance certificate. (This will REPLACE the £30 initial fee on our direct debit package).
  • Direct Debit members MUST inform us if you DO or DO NOT wish to continue your membership, payments will automatically continue to be taken from your account unless we advise DFC to cancel your contract.
  • If you wish to continue then you MUST complete a renewal form at reception so a new card can be allocated. (If your licence expires with your membership then a fee of £10 is required to renew your insurance).

Thailand 2017 – this will be Wicker Camp’s 40th anniversary so we are hoping it will be the best and biggest trip EVER!! I am planting the seed early so you can start saving if you are interested.

Interclub – the next interclub will be in Manchester on Sunday 13th March. Anyone interested see Mick or Trix first and then put your name down on the list on reception.


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