University Group Grading 28.02.16


Please find below grading times and our ‘Rules and Conduct’ for grading.

TIM KIRKWOOD                                  B1                                       9.00

STUART BENSON                                B1                                       9.00

RICHARD JNR MOSINGHI               B1                                       9.00

YASHESH PATEL                                 B1                                       9.00

ASGHAR ALI BAIG                               B1                                       9.00

ALEX BOUFARDEAS                            B1                                      9.00

GEORGE GILBERT                               B1                                      10.00

SAM COWLEY                                        B1                                      10.00

ALEX GORDON                                      B1                                      10.00

JANOH HO                                              B1                                      10.00

EDWARD WARDLE                              B1                                      10.00

JOSE SAN ANTONIO                            B1                                      10.00

KARAN SINGH BHARAJ                     B1                                      11.00

TOM LOADES                                         B1                                      11.00

LUKE KYRIACOU                                  B1                                      11.00

YURIL LI                                                   B1                                     11.00

JAMES SHORE                                       B3                                     11.00

MANSIMRAN SINGH                            A1                                     11.00

Rules and Conduct for Grading

Students have the option of grading on the group grading dates which are every 3 month’s (usually around the end of March, June, September and December), or taking a private grading which can be booked anytime.

The group-grading fee for all students is £25 and can be paid in advance or on the day, (there are no exceptions). The fee for grading privately is £35 and can also be paid on the day. This includes a FREE Kruang Rang (Armband) if successful.

All students must have an up to date licence before they can grade. Our licences affiliate our students to the United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation and to the World Muay Thai Council in Thailand and are valid for 12 months (one passport size photograph is required). The licence provides insurance cover and is a record of achievement for the student. This also can be paid in advance or on the day but please allow extra time if paying on the day. Licence fee: £10.

Please observe the following rules:

  1. All students must wear Thai Boxing shorts and a plain t-shirt.
  1. Students from B2-A3 must have a gumshield and a groinguard.
  1. Students will be assessed on aerobic and anaerobic stamina, flexibility, footwork and technique, timing, co-ordination, conditioning, speed and power. A student’s attitude and spirit will also play an important role.
  1. Students must always show respect to each other and to the art of Muay Thai. The assessment of sparring will be focused on skill and technique, behaviour deemed too aggressive will be penalised.
  1. Students must ensure they prepare themselves mentally and physically and have a balanced meal no later than 1-2 hours before they are due to grade.
  1. Students must give 12 hours notice to cancel or a £5 fee will be incurred.
  1. Successful students will have their licence book stamped and signed for future reference. All graded students must wear the appropriate Kruang Rang and Thai Boxing shorts for all classes.

Good Luck, MicknTrix

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