Wickerpedia 22.02.16


OPEN SESSION – don’t forget it’s open session nights this week, Tuesday 6.30-8.30pm and Wednesday 6-8pm. We have Mam making delicious Thai food so come along to train and pick up a curry to take home or eat at the gym after.

INTERCLUB HORWICH  13.03.16 – please confirm you are still doing this event and put a star against your name if you need transport for this event. I need to send names in and start organising cars.

UNIVERSITY GRADING – the times for the Sheffield University group grading this Sunday 28th Feb will be posted on Wednesday 24th Feb.

LAST MAN STANDING EVENT BIRMINGHAM- tickets have arrived for this event where there is a rematch between James Ogden (Wicker Camp) vs Allesandro Ricci (Italy). This is a big international show featuring some top fighters from the UK, Italy and Norway. Tickets are only available by pre-booking on  07743596420.



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