Beginner Class – a buzzing Beginner 1 class tonight with 50 students taking part, taught by James Ogden with trainee instructors Rob Carter and Mick Mason helping out. The techniques studied were side elbow and long knee and everyone found the class interesting and challenging and had a fantastic work out.

Women Only Class – the women only classes are very popular and extremely well attended every Sunday. We have a few people interested in doing an early morning women only Thai Circuit class on Wednesdays 6.45-7.45am. If you are interested please contact Trix 07743596420 or trix@wickercamp.co.uk .

Interclub 13th March – the name list will go up on reception this week so if you are hoping to participate see Mick or Trix before putting your name down. Open to adults and juniors.

Charity support – thank you to everyone who has donated food, clothes, toys etc over the last few weeks for Bluebell Wood, SWWOP and Sheffield Rough Sleepers. The items will be delivered this week.

LOCKERS – there are still quite a few lockers that have not been registered with reception. These lockers will be emptied and items will be recycled this week.

For Sale / Recycle page – just a reminder that we have a for sale page on the website and anyone who has anything for sale or to recycle you may advertise on this page. Contact trix@wickercamp.co.uk

Upcoming fights

Sheffield – we have a number of fighters in training for a show at Crookes Working Men’s Club on the 17th April. Jillian Corbett, Chrystian Korzienowsi, James Pierce, Sam Humphries.

Birmingham – James Ogden will return to the ring after over one year out on the Legend vs Legend show on the 23rd April.


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