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Horwich Interclub – Well done to all those 24 students who took part in the interclub in Horwich on Sunday. It was a very long day but excellent experience for everyone. There is another one in Manchester in May and we are hoping to host one in April at Wicker Camp, date to be confirmed.

Open Session Nights – this month’s open session nights will be on Wednesday 23rd 6-8pm and Thursday 24th 6.30-8.30pm. Unfortunately Maam is away in Thailand so sorry no Thai food this time.

Volunteers needed –  on Thursday 24th March after the open session from 9pm we need an army of volunteers to help rip up the current mat and foam underneath and completely clear everything out of the main gym ready for a brand new mat to be laid the next day. Anyone who can spare an hour or two either that night or the next day (Good Friday) to help Scott, our fitter to lay the new foam and mat it would be greatly appreciated. Refreshments and food will be provided.

Birmingham Show April 23rd – unfortunately James Ogden’s opponent from Italy has pulled out of this fight; the promoter has been unable to find an international replacement so he will not be fighting on this show now. If you have already bought a ticket and no longer want to go then please return your ticket by Thursday 24th March and a full refund will be made. If you paid by visa/debit card then your card will be refunded so please make sure you bring that with you. We are hoping to find James an international match on another show very soon.

Video of the week homepage – this is a brilliant fight and shows that you don’t have to have big muscles and a six pack to be dangerous. A very young Ali Arshid vs Steve Barrows early to mid 90’s. Steve was a muscular man, a great fighter, a real big hitter from London and he had loads of local support that night who were so sure Ali was going to get battered. Ali was in great shape an extremely naturally fit young lad, he was lean and long but didn’t look dangerous! Ali was really terrified commenting on how big his opponents biceps were!! Haha I remember Mick saying to him in the corner “don’t worry Ali he may have big muscles but it’s what he does with them and you’re too slippery he won’t be able to catch you”. The fight was brilliant and Steve was always dangerous but Ali’s performance was memorable. His ring craft and footwork was awesome and his timing was great. Steve was knackered by the end and we thought it would be a close decision even though the ref gave Ali and 8 count which he didn’t need. Ali lost the fight which many didn’t agree with and it was ‘fight of he night’ and he earned the respect of the crowd who cheered for him as he returned to the changing room.


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